A Gilded Thanksgiving

Dylan and I are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year, and I couldn’t be more excited.  My parents and sister are coming up to the north land from Wisconsin to enjoy the feasting with us.  I have been thinking a lot about how I would like to decorate the table, and I think I decided that I would like to do a black and gilded theme.  I’ve gathered up some inspiration to get me started.

1. A little wreath of leaves gets a makeover with some gold paint.  {Image via Roost.}

2.  Apples become votive holders by cutting out a bit of the core.  I think these would look so cute sitting inside of the gold leaf wreaths spread out across the length of the table. {Image via Polka Dot Bride, and they have a tutorial as well.}

3. / 4. Half-dipped mason jars? Yes, please. I also like the mason jar that has been painted black.  These would add a nice sparkle interspersed with the apple votive holders.  {Images via The Sweetest Occasion.}

5. I think a red and burgundy floral arrangement is in order for this Thanksgiving table.  The red adds a bit of drama and pulls the color scheme together with the apples. I really like that little red berries have been tucked into the bouquet.  Small and not-too-tall bouquets could be tucked into the gold and black mason jars.  {Image via Wedding Aces.}

6. Black dinnerware isn’t for everyone, but it certainly can look very classy.  We really like ours. {Image via Wayfair.com. Ikea also has black dishes available.}

What do you think?

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