Easter Greenery

Today’s Easter inspiration includes different ways to incorporate greenery.  Since the Easter holiday comes right as spring unfolds, greenery can be a nice way to tie both together.

This idea uses colored eggs nestled into hurricane vases with fern leaves. The texture of the ferns adds a delicate intricacy to the piece.  I also like the bold colors of the eggs….Easter doesn’t have to be about pastels.

This idea from The Farm Chicks couldn’t be simpler or cuter.  Fill egg cups with moss and insert a toothpick flag. It’s as simple as that.

I like the combo that Williams and Sonoma has come up with here.   The rustic wood box, the soft brown eggs, and the pop of yellow in the daffodils all fit so nicely together.  This feels full of the energy of spring and could stay on the table after Easter by just pulling the eggs out of the piece.

{Top image from Apartment Therapy; middle image from The Farm Chicks; bottom image from Williams and Sonoma.}

What do you think?

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